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Water Soluble Fertilizers

Trinity Turf carries several water soluble fertilizers for your convenience. From trees to shrubs to bentgrass, we can help you deliver crucial nutrients with these fast-acting options.

Most items are in stock and available for pickup at our Richmond or Weyers Cave locations. Shipping and delivery options are also available.

See the water soluble fertilizer options below and then contact us to place an order.

10-52-10 w/micros

This is a fully soluble starter formulation that supplies the necessary high phosphorus levels for young plants, flowers and perennials to initiate rapid root development. A very safe fertilizer with a low salt index. Available in 25 lb bags.

15-0-15 Hi Cal w/micros

Including 9% Ca and micronutrients in a general use soluble fertilizer containing calcium nitrate. Available in 25 lb bags.

20-20-20 General Purpose w/micros

This is a balanced fertilizer for all stages of plant growth. Water soluble formula dissolves easily in water. Available in 25 lb bags.

25-15-10 Tree and Shrub w/micros

This is an all purpose fertilizer for container nursery stock or as a sprayable formulation for institutional areas/parks and grounds. Produces excellent color, vigorous roots and rapid growth. Available in 25 lb bags.

28-8-18 Bent Special w/micros

This is water-soluble fertilizer specially formulated for bentgrass turf. Helps turf stand up to heavy traffic and close-mowing, while promoting deep root systems. Available in 25 lb bags.