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Soil Amendments

Trinity Turf carries several key soil amendments for your convenience.

These items are in stock and available for pickup at our Richmond or Weyers Cave locations. Shipping and delivery options are also available.

See the soil amendment options below and then contact us to place an order.

K-Mag Fertilizer (coarse)
Potassium magnesium sulfate is 100% water soluble and will work immediately upon application. This fertilizer contains a natural balance of 22% potassium, 11% magnesium, and 22% sulfur with a neutral PH. 50lb bag

K-Mag Fertilizer (micro)
Fine particle size for closely mowed turf and golf tees. (0-0-22) 50lb bag

Gypsum (pelletized)
Works to replace the salt, heal the grass and encourage new growth. Sweetens soil and can be used to reduce soil compaction, improve soil structure, increase air movement, and prevent/reduce water run-off.

Available in Fairway, Micro and 150 SGN grade. 50lb bag

Dolomitic Lime (pelletized)
Reduces soil acidity (raise pH) with Calcium and Magnesium to make soils more favorable for turfgrass growth. Depending on soil type, apply 5-15 pounds per 1,000 to change PH 1/10 of a point. Actual liming rate should based on a professionally conducted soil test.