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Beef and Horse Pasture Mix

Trinity Turf carries a number of forage products for you to choose from. Our wide-range of cow and horse pasture mix are available for both pickup and delivery.

Our helpful staff can answer questions you have about Orchardgrass, Timothy, etc. Please contact us if you need specific information about a product and we’ll do all that we can to set you up for success.

Beef & Horse Pasture Mix

Cow Pasture Mix
50% Orchardgrass, 20% Endophyte free Fescue, 15% Timothy, 10% Medium Red Clover, 5% White clover

Seeding Rate: 25 lbs. per acre

Horse Pasture Mix (South)
45% KY Bluegrass, 20% Orchardgrass, 20% Perennial Ryegrass, 10% Climax Timothy, 5% White clover

Seeding Rate: 25 lbs per acre

Horse Pasture Mix (North)
30% Orchardgrass, 25% Perennial Ryegrass, 25% Ky Bluegrass, 15% Timothy, 5% White Clover

Seeding Rate: 25 lbs per acre

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Hay & Pasture Grasses

Cool season perennial grown for feeding livestock as a forage crop. Used for grazing, hay, and silage, as well as a green manure and cover crop. Vernal, Cimarron, Buffalo varieties.

Seeding Rate: 15-20 lbs. per acre / 10-15 in mixes

Leafy cool season perennial grass best suited for hay or early spring pasture. Drought resistant, high-yielding, sod forming.

Seeding Instructions: 10 lbs alone per acre in early Spring or in the Fall with small grain

Cajun II Endophyte Free Fescue
High yielding, early maturing Endophyte fungus free Fescue for horses and livestock. Affordable non-toxic forage producing option for permanent pasture with cold and heat tolerance.

When to Plant: Early Fall or Spring
Seeding Rate: 25-40  lbs per acre/10-15 in mixes

Crown Vetch
An extremely fast growing, establishing perennial legume used for ground cover, erosion control, and as a green fertilizer crop. It is also used as a bank stabilizer along roads and waterways. Blooms during summer with white-violet blooms. Inoculation and companion crop suggested.

Seeding Rate: 25 lbs per acre / 15 in mixes

Hairy Vetch
A winter legume commonly used for cover crops, weed suppression, erosion control, ground cover, and green manure. It can add 75-100 pounds of Nitrogen to soil.

When to Plant: Late Summer to early Fall
Seeding Rate: 25-30 lbs per acre / 10-15 lbs in mixes

Kentucky 31 Fescue
Easily established, highly adaptable grass for lawns and pastures.

Seeding Rate: 25-40 lbs per acre for pastures and 25 lbs in lawns

Flowering shrub type plant that persists well in poor soil conditions and hot weather. Can be used for pasture, hay, soil improvement game plots. Various annual and perennial types.

Seeding Rate: 25-40 lbs per acre / 15 in mixes

A group of small-seeded warm season grasses widely grown for cereal crops, grain, hay, fodder and food purposes. German, Pearl, Proso Japanese and Browntop are subject to availability.

When to Plant: No earlier than May/June
Seeding Rate: 25-30 lbs per acre

Oats (Brooks, Ogle, Bob)
 Excellent for hay, silage, grain or as a nurse crop.

When to Plant: Spring varieties need to be planted March/April for best results
Seeding Rate: 70 lbs per acre for grain. 100 lbs for silage and hay. 30 lbs per acre for cover crop.

Winter Oats
Germinate quickly. Cold tolerant and can be grown in poor soils as a nurse crop and Nitrogen fixing.

Rape Seed (Dwarf Essex)
A bright-yellow flowering Winter-Spring annual member of the mustard or cabbage family grown for vegetable oil or animal feed. Used for cattle feeding, pigs, poultry and sheep.

Seeding Rate: 6-8 lbs per acre

A very versatile cereal crop grown for grain, livestock forage or sweet crop. 

When to Plant: In the Spring, after the last frost
Seeding Rate: 30-50 lbs per acre in 7 inch rows / 10-20 lbs for hay

Kow Choice Sorghum/Sudan
Hybrid sorghum producing juicy leaves in combination with sweet stalks while providing fast regrowth and incorporating drought resistant. Good as grazing or hay when cut waist to chest high or before seed head develops.

Birdsfoot Trefoil
A long-lived deep rooted perennial legume, ideally suited for pastures. Birdsfoot Trefoil grows and produces forage during July and August, when most cool-season grasses are semi-dormant. Trefoil does not cause bloat, as do many other commonly used legumes.

When to Plant: Spring or early Fall
Seeding Rate: 15 lbs per acre / 8 lbs in mixes

Triticale (Trical)
Hybrid cross between wheat and rye makes for a hardy, high protein alternative for grazing, hay or silage.

Seeding Instructions: Best if drilled at 100 lbs per acre in Spring or Fall

Winter Rye
A deep rooted cereal grain planted in fall for cover, pasture, silage or green chop.

Seeding Rate: 100 lbs per acre

Weeping Lovegrass
Fast establishing warm season grass used for beautification and soil stabilization. Produces ornamental, wispy plumes.

Seeding Rate: 3-5 lbs per acre

Inoculants for Alfalfa, Clover and Soybean available

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Orchard Grass Seed for Sale

A vigorous perennial cool-season grass for grazing hay or silage. Its extensive root system makes it very hardy, drought tolerant and great for erosion control.

When to Plant: Early Spring or Fall
Seeding Rate: 15-25 lbs per acre/10-15 lbs in mixes

Persist Orchardgrass
Easily established with excellent vigor and persistence. It can withstand years of grazing, overcome heat and drought stresses, take cold winters and hot summers. Ideal for horses and livestock grazing.

Seeding Rate: 15-25 lbs per acre/8-15 lbs in mixes

Shiloh II Orchardgrass
An early maturing, winter hardy, long-lived perennial with exceptional forage quality. Provides better full season dry matter yields than other varieties. Great compatibility with legumes, alfalfa and red clover.

Potomac Orchardgrass
Long time favorite early maturing variety. High disease resistance, hardy, persistent and productive. Ideal with clover.

Hulled Orchardgrass
High quality cleaned (outer seed coat removed) that provides faster germination and lower seeding rates. Works well with other grasses, legumes and alfalfa.

Seeding Rate: 10-15 lbs per acre/5-10 lbs in mixes

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Timothy Seed for Sale

A perennial bunch grass used for pasture, hay production and forage for horses and cattle.

When to Plant: September
Seeding Rate: 10 lbs per acre/1-3 lbs in mixes

Climax Timothy
Leafy high yielding variety. A little later maturing than common Timothy. Works well with legumes.

Clair Timothy
Early maturing at same time as Red clover and alfalfa. Good first and second year production.

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Clover Seed for Sale

Clovers can be used in pasture mixtures, forages, and food plots.

Medium Red Clover
A fast growing perennial legume used for hay, silage, and soil improvement. Can be planted alone or with Orchardgrass and Timothy. Great rotational crop.

When to Plant: Early Spring or Fall (30 days before frost)
Seeding Rate:
8-12 lbs per acre or 4-8 lbs in mixes per acre

White Dutch Clover
Grows well as a companion plant among grain crops, pasture grasses, and lawns. Low growing and works well with various soil types. Withstands close grazing and animal traffic.

Seeding Rate: 3-5 lbs per acre or 2 lbs in mixes

Ladino Clover
A large white type clover that provides good quality pasture and hay. Recommended to be planted with other grasses to prevent bloating. Used in wildlife/food plots. Good for Nitrogen fixing.

Seeding Rate: 2-4 lbs per acre

Crimson Clover
A summer/winter annual for green manure and pasturing. Improves soil and provides Nitrogen.

When to Plant: July-September
Seeding Rate: 10-15 lbs./acre alone or 5-10 lbs./acre in a mix

Yellow Blossom (Y.B.) Clover
Can be used with other clovers and grasses for hay or to improve soil and provide Nitrogen.

Seeding Rate: 15 lbs per acre or 5-7 lbs in mixes.

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Wild Food & Game Plot

Quick establishing winter annuals…Rye, Winter Peas, Oats, Buckwheat, Turnips, Rape and clover to attract and hold Deer and Turkey.

Seeding Rate: 50 lbs per acre

Perennial wild game mix for deer and turkey grazing. Millet, Clovers, Trefoil, Buckwheat, Trefoil and Chicory.

Seeding Rate: 25 lbs. per acre

An all purpose annual grain used for wild bird game plots, poultry feed, flour, bee attraction and green manure.

Seeding Rate: 50 lbs. per acre

Purple Top Turnips
Turnips are easy, quick growing brassicas excellent for fall livestock grazing or wildlife plots. Leafy high foliage high protein, high energy food source. Great soil conditioner. Purple top and Daikon.

When to Plant: March-September
Seeding Rate:
Broadcast or scatter 5 lbs per acre. Cover ½ inch.

Winter Peas (Austrian)
A good cool-season legume crop for wildlife food plots, cover crops, and winter grazing. Great soil Nitrogen fixing.

When to Plant: March/April or September/October
Seeding Rate: Plant 60 lbs per acre

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