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Softball & Baseball Field Products

If you’re responsible for managing an athletic field, you know all of the curveballs that nature can throw your way. Fortunately, there are moves you can make to prepare for or reclaim your field from unexpected weather.

To make your job easier, we carry a number of Pro’s Choice® soil conditioners and top dressings. If you’re looking for an effective baseball field conditioner or baseball field drying agent, Trinity Turf has what you need.

Most items are in stock and available for pickup at our Richmond or Weyers Cave locations. Shipping and delivery options are also available.

Look over the list of options below and then contact us to place your order.

Red Infield Conditioner

This baseball field conditioner is will confront the challenges of wet, dry or compacted infields. The granules in the Red Infield Conditioner are durable and help create better passageways for drainage while eliminating compaction.

In the end, you get truer bounces and a safer field.

Available in 50lb bags.

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Baseball Field Conditioner

Select Softball / Baseball Field Conditioner

Select is a premium infield conditioner that will help you maintain a safe and resilient infield. It features 8 x 16 granules with a red color that looks great as an integrated top dressing.

Use Select Premium Infield Conditioner to create a smooth, attractive playing surface. Available in 50lb bags.

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Softball Field Conditioner

Professional Conditioner

If you’re looking for a conditioner of the highest quality, go with the Pro’s Choice Professional option.

This infield conditioner features the highest durability and most natural red color. Perfectionists will love this product and athletes will see the difference. Available in 50lb bags.

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Professional Infield Conditioner

Pro Brown

This deep brown conditioner will hold its rich color over time. Pro Brown premium topdressing is formulated for uniform particle size and durability.

Available in 50lb bags.

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Brown Baseball Field Topdressing

Rapid Dry – Baseball Field Drying Agent

Even with the best field preparation, a deluge of rain can create excess water that needs to be addressed. That’s where Rapid Dry comes in.

Rapid Dry’s sand-like granules are formulated to quickly wick away excess water from your infield. This product will help you maintain safe playing conditions and minimize delays. Available in 50lb bags.

How to Use this Product

  • Pour generously over puddles and wet areas
  • Rake or drag to create a uniform layer
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Baseball Field Drying Agent

Easy Mound

Easy Mound is a deep reddish brown packing clay that will help you quickly rebuild or repair heavy traffic areas such as pitcher’s mounds and batter’s boxes. Available in 40lb bags.

Easy Mound Pre-Formed Bricks

Easy Mound is also available in 4″ x 8″ x 2½” pre-formed bricks. These unfired clay bricks can be used to build the subsurface of high wear areas. Usage suggestions are as follows:

  • Pitcher’s mound: 75-100 bricks
  • Batter’s box: 60-80 bricks per side
  • Catcher’s box: 30-50 bricks

Available in bags of 8 bricks each.

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Easy Mound