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Coarse / AG Grade Fertilizers

Trinity Turf carries a broad range of coarse / AG grade fertilizers for use in Virginia and beyond.

Most items are in stock and available for pickup at our Richmond or Weyers Cave locations. Shipping and delivery options are also available.

Look over the list of fertilizer options below and then contact us to place your order.

4-4-2 Nutrients Plus 9% Calcium
Organic fertilizer with bio-solids and poultry manure. 40lb bag 5-15 pounds per 1,000

4-3-1 Dynamic Duo
Organic bio-solid fertilizer with 5%Ca 1%Fe 0.5%Mg. Apply anytime with no chance of burn. 50lb. Bag. 5 pounds per 1,000

0-0-22 K-Mag
A naturally-occurring mineral that features a crop-friendly balance of potassium, magnesium and sulfur with low chloride levels and neutral pH. Low chloride formula 50 lb. bags 3-6 pounds per 1,000 sq ft

0-0-50 Sulfate of Potash
All mineral, low salt formula and chloride free. 50% Potassium and 17% Sulfur. 50 lb bags Apply 1-10 lbs per 1,000 sq ft based on soil test.

0-0-60 Muriate of Potash
High Potassium fertilizer. Aids in growth of stems, roots and tubers. 50 lb bags

All mineral all purpose fertilizer. 50lb bags

All mineral starter fertilizer. 50lb bags

All mineral starter fertilizer with high potassium. 50lb bags

14-14-14 60% Duration
Long-term flowering Fertilizer. Excellent for trees, shrubs, and flowering plants. This balanced formula is ideal for establishment, flowering and vegetative growth. 60% of the Nitrogen is polymer-coated urea which will feed for up to 180 days. 50lb. bags

15-3-6 50% Bio 2% Fe
Excellent maintenance fertilizer containing 50% biosolids (organic fertilizer). 50lb. bags

All mineral starter fertilizer. Use when planting new seed or when phosphorous deficiencies exist in the soil. 50lb. bags

16-2-3 60% SRN (Nutrients Plus)
Excellent fertilizer anytime during the growing season. 40% quick release nutrients for rapid greening. 60% slow release and organic nutrients for lasting results.  Works great on lawns, shrubs, and gardens. 50lb. bags

16-25-12 25% XCU 2% Fe
Starter fertilizer with 25% slow release Nitrogen and 2% iron. Use when planting new seed or when phosphorous deficiencies exist in the soil.  50lb

All mineral all purpose fertilizer. 50lb. bags

21-0-0-quick release Ammonium Sulfate.
This product is also available in 15% XCU and 50% XCU formulas for use when slowly available Nitrogen is appropriate. 50lb. bags

25-5-10 50% XCU 2% Fe-High Nitrogen fertilizer with 50% slow release.
Excellent spreadability and contains 2% iron. 50lb. bags

30-0-10 50% XCU 2% Fe-High Nitrogen, no phosphorus fertilizer.
Contains 50% slow release Nitrogen and 2% iron. 50lb. bags

46-0-0 Urea-granular Urea fertilizer.
Also available in prilled form. 50lb. bags

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